Fittings and Adjustments

No Bogeys uses a combination of technologies including, Fit Chip by Lotus Golf, Trackman, MySwing 3-D, and SAM PuttLab to fit players into the right equipment. Using hundreds of variables, we can fit and construct a putter for you that has the proper length, loft, lie, offset, face characteristics, head style and shaft that will allow you to better understand putting mechanics and performance. You will have more confidence over the ball, resulting in more putts made from all distances.We continue the process until our goal is reached in finding you the perfectly fitted clubs for your game.


*Fitting fees may be applied toward purchase of clubs in some cases. Inquire when booking your fitting.


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Individual Club Fitting (i.e.: Driver, Wood, Hybrid)

With our knowledge of how to give you the ability to improve your control and accuracy by adjusting spin characteristics, launch, and lie angles, we make it a priority to carry the very latest club designs from all major manufactures. With so many choices on the market, your golf game will thank us when you are professionally fitted into the exact right shaft/head combination for you.

Time: 45 Minutes

Iron Fitting

Your irons are clubs that will respond beautifully to tour quality custom fitting. We offer a large selection of brand names that the major manufacturers have to offer in shafts and heads. Our goal is to help dial in on your swing as precisely as possible.

Time: 60 Minutes

Custom Club Fitting Orange County
Custom Club Fitting in Orange County - Visit No Bogeys Golf

Full Bag Fitting (i.e.: Driver, Woods, Hybrids & Irons)

This is the most comprehensive option for those who want to take their game to the next level, as well as the best value for your club fitting dollar. Your professional club fitter will take you through your driver, irons, woods, and hybrids and really dig down to specifics to help you get to your best golf game.

Time: 120 Minutes


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